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ElevatedX CMS

Custom ElevatedX templates design, system optimization, member area registration solutions and NATS integration. General support and CMS maintenance.

If you are here, you are either lost, curious or most likely just the person who knows precisely what ElevatedX means! In case you are the latter type, you know very well how much of a hassle ElevatedX could be in terms of hardware, general setup and template design. Look no further because we have got all your ElevatedX CMC needs covered. Get in touch with us for a free consultation. We don't bite :)

We will evaluate your current system, a hardware setup, a server software setup, and possible templates errors. What else can you expect from your free consultation? An introduction to ElevatedX and what it requires, a discussion of what you want and don't want us to do and contractual or technical agreements that you decide we should make.

During the evaluation, we will analyze your system structure, provide you with an analysis of your data distribution. We will examine your current visual templates and finish it off with a review of your database and data structure. Using this information, we will determine the kind of hardware setup you may require and formulate a data transfer plan for you and an estimated schedule for the project.

A hardware setup will entail the following: we will recommend the number of servers you will need and of what kind. We will also let you know what other equipment (mostly standard computer components such as processors, RAM, etc.) you will need for the setup. Then, if you like, we will either set up the hardware ourselves or work in tandem with your hosting provider.

Depending on the hardware setup, somewhere along the way, we will conduct a server software setup. We will install an operating system and other software that's required for running ElevatedX. After that, we will install backup software and set up a crontab. We will finalize the setup with any additional scripts that may be necessary.

After the hardware is in place, and the software is installed, a data transfer can be done. A short way of explaining the procedure would be the following. With the data gathered during our evaluation, we will create scripts that will transfer all the data from your database structure to the ElevatedX database structure. The same thing will be done with your file system.

After all the data has been transferred and accounted for, you will have a standard ElevatedX setup. From there, we can start work on the front end. We will begin working on either the existing basic ElevatedX templates or develop new ones for you from scratch.

This sums up our ElevatedX setup. If you have any questions, let us know, we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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