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Express Design

Special offer for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

The key feature of this offer is to get your website up and running in seven days! Save your time and money by eliminating all web development technical aspects — Digital Cucumber will do everything for you.


Since this is a very affordable offer, we have several conditions:

  • you have to be a new or small business or entrepreneur;
  • standard contract terms;
  • upfront payment;
  • the result is not a subject of negotiations;
  • we keep a right to say "no" to you.
What's included?

In seven days after payment, you will receive a fully functional website with a modern responsive template running on your domain name. With the content management system installed, you will be able to:

  • manage sections and pages;
  • upload photos and videos to the media library;
  • manage your portfolio;
  • use task manager;
  • edit email templates;
  • use the feedback system.
What's covered?

In addition to the website development, we will protect you from any technical aspects which may appear, allowing you to focus on your business development. We will take care of the website and email setup, testing and bringing your project online.

In addition to everything mentioned above, as our client, you will receive the following services for one year:

  • free GoDaddy account setup;
  • free domain registration;
  • free unlimited hosting;
  • free SSL certificate;
  • free daily backups with 14 days history;
  • free email technical support.

Please, keep in mind that Express Design is not intended for businesses with a long and successful history. If it's your case, consider choosing a different website package.

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Our agency is not limited to creating websites only — we do mobile apps, brand identity, advertising campaigns, logotypes, graphic and industrial design and many more.

Before we start working together, we need to talk a bit. Tell us about your project, provide contact information, and we will contact you shortly to discuss everything.

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