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Content Management System Description

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Deridex Admin is a powerful and easy-to-handle content management system originally designed to be used as the primary Content Management System for Way Over Media projects. Keeping in mind that our websites could differ, the system was built using a modular design. This concept allows us to adjust CMS to specific requirements promptly. And the most substantial — modular structure makes it natural to share this system with you.

CMS is built with the latest search engine optimization techniques allowing you to change necessary descriptions, keywords, titles and URLs of any part of your website.

CMS Modules

The default configuration of the system, which is used almost everywhere and covers around 95% of needs contains the following modules:

In addition to the default setup, we also offer an Online Store System for your E-Commerce projects. In most cases, this module requires additional configuration on both the client and the merchant side, making the installation of this module an individual task with its own time frame.


The website owner can add or remove additional administrators and restrict their access to specific CMS areas.

The system is configured to allow the administrator to manage the email relay for the domain it is used for. Add and remove email boxes and aliases, set passwords and so on.

The owner can download website and database copy anytime, in case full system backup is necessary.


For our clients, the system runs on the Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP cloud server, which can be scaled in terms of hardware performance up and down.

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