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Landing Pages

Special pages for you and your business that sell.

Landing page means a superselling page where everything is taking into account: starting from the shape and location of buttons and ending up with using different styling in language. Every detail is vital in terms of the perception of a target audience, its interests, psychology, mentality, pain points and needs, which will directly affect a conversion rate.

When do you need a landing page?

Ordering this type of service you have to keep in mind that landing page can prove its worth and effectiveness when used in special cases, for example, such as:

  • sales of a specific product or service, in most cases with a special price — in other words, a landing page is a handy tool when you are planning to run a marketing campaign for something particular to be sold to a specific audience;
  • inviting people to an event, such as a concert, tutoring course, business meeting, and so on.

In case you have a large variety of products and services for different audiences, it will be hard to offer all of those on one landing page. For those cases, it's better to consider the option of creating a business website or an online store.

However, for individual proposals to customers, we strongly recommend a landing page created by Digital Cucumber specialists.

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