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Instead of Introduction

I prepared a long introductory post about all the projects we have in Way Over Media, about company plans. Today I decided that it can wait for a while to be released. I'll share a short story instead.

When I was preparing a business plan, there is a section called Executive Summary. You have to summarize all the texts you wrote in the document. The job is to compress around 40 pages of writing in one paragraph keeping the sense intact.

Here is what I wrote about the company: We create a set of products and tools that will ease access to the Internet for new and growing businesses, entrepreneurs and other members of society. Very simple and straightforward.

After the COVID-19 hit us all, I realized that the idea behind Way Over Media was right. We are an online society today. Many businesses still don't recognize it. I was preparing to change that, and I will.


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All you have to know about SEO!

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The truth about your boss

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